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It is well known that Internet grows very fast and every time is more difficult to handle and organize all the information you download from different sources. That's the reason why eSobi was created, a very useful tool that includes a powerful RSS reader (with a lot of channels), an Internet Meta Search and a useful function "Doc Clipping Personal" where you can edit and save all information obtained from the RSS reader and Meta Searcher. With these information management tools, all of them in one application, the process of information collection and customization will be very easy for you.

But, how exactly do all these three tools will help you to organize your information?
- Through RSS Reader, you can subscribe any websites and weblogs with RSS channels/feeds, and you will be notified when the subscribed channel/feed is updated.
- A Meta-Search helps you to search in multiple search engine databases simultaneously. eSobi uses Google, Microsoft MSN and Yahoo search engines.
- Document Clipping helps you to store and edit all the valuable information obtained from the RSS Reader or the Meta Search.

Definitely, once you test and get used to eSobi, it will probably become in one of your favorite tools.

Daniel Mantilla
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